Scientific Collection Application - Herptiles
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Scientific Collection Regulations are available in the
Chapter 13 Regulations

After submitting this application online, you will receive a confirmation page with a confirmation number. You are encouraged to print/save a copy of the confirmation page for your records.

License fee: $28 (State of Colorado or federal entities are exempt from this fee)
If you are not representing a State of Colorado or federal entity, mail or deliver the license fee to the address below. The confirmation number must be included with your payment. The application will not be processed until payment is received.
If you are representing a State of Colorado or federal entity, no payment is required.

Your application has not been submitted until your receive a confirmation number.

Mail payment (if required) to:
  Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  Attn: Special Wildlife License
  6060 Broadway
  Denver, CO 80216-1000

I am fee exempt (State of Colorado or federal entity):
       Yes I am fee exempt. I am affiliated with the State of Colorado or Federal Government for this proposed project.
       NO I am not fee exempt.

Applicant's Name: 

Institution or Agency Represented:

Previous scientific collection license number(s):

As required by the Colorado Child Support Enforcement Act and its implementing statutes, see sections 26-13-126 and 24-33-110, C.R.S., individuals are required to submit their social security number (SSN) as part of any application for a CPW license.  SSNs will not be displayed on any license issued by the CPW and will be maintained and used for only those purposes provided for by law.


Mailing Address:





Work Phone:                                    ext:

Fax #:

Proposed date by when collection activities are to begin (You must allow a minimum of 45 days from the date you submit this application): Format MM/DD/YYYY

Have you submitted a report and fulfilled all other requirements under any previous permit(s)?   Yes  No  N/A 

Do you hold or have you applied for a federal scientific collection or banding permit?  Yes No Pending N/A

If yes, please submit the federal permit number: 

Are you currently in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws? Yes No

Have you completed a literature search demonstrating the need for this project?  Yes No

What is the purpose of your application (you may select more than one by holding ctrl as you select)?

If an amendment request, what is your current license number?

Additional explanation (if needed) for purpose of application: 


Please provide a justification for the project and description of the project objectives:


Please provide a description of the project objectives:


Please list the numbers (or approximate numbers) of each species of wildlife you request and the intended disposition.

Click here to add another row for a new species.

Number Species (common name)   Species (scientific name) Disposition (held, killed, immediate release, etc.)

If any wildlife listed above is to be held in captivity, give the reason, location and expected duration of the captivity:

Do you request salvage rights for voucher specimens?  Yes; No


State methods by which wildlife will be collected:


List counties and describe the specific location(s) by county in which the collecting or banding will occur


If wildlife is to be marked and released, state methods and type of marking (tags, collars, radio telemetry - include types, size, number sequences, colors, radio frequencies, etc.)

Additional Information:

Please review the State of Colorado Chapter 13 Regulations for scientific collection.

Federal laws may be viewed at

If a license application is denied by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, either in person or by mail, the applicant may request a hearing within 60 days of receiving the notice of denial as per CRS 24-4-105.  Any action is subject to judicial review as per CRS 24-4-106.  

I have read and understand the regulations (see link above) regarding the license for which I am applying and hereby authorize Colorado Parks and Wildlife to make further inquiries to verify these statements. I further declare that the above statements are true and accurate.